Who We Are?

DDSLL Girls Store was born two years ago in January 2012, when two friends came together to move they’r creative energy and inspiration in something of they’r own in they’r own way.

Together they revealed strong sides of they union and started to build more impressive and persuasive designs. Combining fashion with bright colors and own vision about art, they keep lionize they perfect vision about fashion and life.

If You can imagine it, it can be done. Our main goal is create things with value and we always put in them something from our personalities. We both believe that, with hard work and passion everything is possible. Every design is a frenetic idea mixed with accurate handmade work for affordable price.

Every bag, lingerie piece or jewelry is accurately made from high quality materials and combined with various coloring techniques. We usually focus to everyone – we use materials which is friendly to vegans and vegetarians, and in the same time we offer real leather for natural material lovers. The most commonly used materials –cotton fabric and cotton thread, genuine leather, faux leather, satin fabric, chains and fabric dye. Our legacy is creating one item only in one exemplar. That is true guarantee for unique design.

Without love and passion nothing will happen. We are strongly believing that our origin thinking, hard work and high standards will blow up the world in DDSLL Girls way. We, people, can change the world in many ways…so, Take your passion and make it happen!


Alise Abele-Dekslinga

My specialty is small clutches and pouches, large handbags, scarfs, floral crowns,  jewelry and other small leather goods.
When I started to work at my crazy ideas, I didn’t know how to sew. I bought old sewing machine and my lessons with myself started, I studied fashion design, handbag structures, materials, dye coloring and photo art, after 6 months I finally did it – jewelry and bag designs started at that moment, I never stop in believing myself that I can do better!
My inspirations in my collections, they’re so different but so close in the same time – materials, textures and most of all dyeing process is my passions starters.


Kristine Zakalovska

My specialty is intimates, floral crowns and jewelry. I am inspired from flora, bright colors, brave textures and forms. I am educated dress maker, but I
found myself in sophisticated and graceful world of lingerie. I’ve learned many fabric coloring techniques, hand embroidery, sewing, felting and other interesting stuff, but most of all i enjoy working with velvet, lace and silk fabrics, They are so feminine and beautiful.
World can’t be imagine without passion, love and women.

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