Different kind of hobby.

Hey guys!
Some time ago I felt pretty bored in work area, because there isn’t always a challenge or super hard design to figure out.
During all this trying to take a rest / looking for new challange period, my dear friend asked me to help a little with small house full makeover.
Of course it all started like this for me – ”Sure I can recommend the best places to buy stuff!”, ”There you can get the best fabrics!”, ” This is good vintage furniture spot!” to ”I will be there on the Sunday, let’s drink wine and paint the chimney white!”, ”Patio will look great with renewed wood vintage chairs and plants in big pots, I will do that no probs!” kind a thing.
First I thought, this will be too much for me and I simply can’t make time for this project in my life, but then I realized – it is kind of my hobby. And co-designer Liene is passionate about this too, so we figured to have some fun.
I love to change my home interior a lot, but since we have a two year old in house, it is always a super safe interior – no plants on the ground or else kid will do the gardening, tables and coffee tables are the best for getting to the highest shelves and stealing ”the forbidden stuff” and the list goes on. Good interior makes me truly happy and I am huge fan of DIY, so I guess it is kind of a hobby.
The tiny house was a bit of a challenge – it is small and there is very little space, it was stuffed with unwanted furniture , but we plan to turn it into unique but tasteless artsy space with interesting and cute details in every piece and of course spend as less money as possible.
I will definitely share a lot of DIY with you guys later. I promise!
Bonus to this super self involved discovery of mine will be amazing interior photos from time to time in our blog, filled with awesome ideas and all comes from…drum roll please…PINTEREST. Good to have this one in our lifes!
I added some before photos so you could have some understanding about how it all looked. Don’t be too scared.
Have a good week!

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