Queens of zero waste. We got this!

Hi guys!

I wanted to do post about our working process. Some parts are difficult and not always everything we want to tell you, company secrets and all. But some processes are very special and we want to share our way of thinking with you.

This time I want to talk about zero waste lifestyle and how we included this in our product making process and Studio life. We made our brand better, our life better and changed energy around us.

Our brand started in early 2012 and we built this company from practically nothing , so we learned how it is to go easy on materials and not waste them, because you simply had to save it. Years went by and we figured out new ways how to find more ways how to use as much as possible from our material leftovers.

We designed small products which saved up our leather leftovers – card cases, these two smart styles let’s us use up as much as possible from our fabulous natural leathers.

We also designed leather tassel necklaces, which was our first ‘’smart design’’, because we can put very different colors and textures together, and use very small pieces – and result is simply stunning. Very fine and unique jewelry piece. We also made simple tassel earrings for our local Latvia market and craft fairs. Since we spend so much time thinking about color details, we use our small leather scraps to create unique tassels for each purse, makes all the difference.

We also make small key charms / key chains , which can also be made with lots of different color combinations. With this exact thinking we made many best sellers – ”Prism” clutch bag, mini ”Prism” make up pouch, this is by far our best sellers from larger product category.


And the last smart way was holding on to our ‘’failed design’’ materials. From time to time we try new designs and strangely, they are not always as successful as you might think. We just keep all the materials in our Studio, because our space is pretty big and we can always try new way how to use them, let’s say next year or year after that. Trends is always changing and you can never be sure of where your inspiration might get you to. Same fabric you used two years ago, and failed miserably with the design, might be perfect now for you new Holiday collection.

We try to get creative on those materials from time to time, and sometimes result might shock you. You can’t pressure it, but somehow idea will come itself.


All this is my way of saying – you can never save everything up, and to live in stocked space with unwanted stuff. But you can always find new smart ways what to do with that stuff and help others and yourself, so it’s the perfect deal. For example:

  • Donate your old clothes, shoes, dishes, electronics to second hand Stores or organizations that takes care of those in need.
  • Use old dishes, jewelry and fabrics for fun DIY projects or fun gift ideas.
  • And maybe keep that special piece of fabric or three pieces of small leather scraps, because you can never know when you will decide to make cool skirt or reupholster chair from that fabric with matching natural leather tassel decor.
  • Think twice when you buy something, doesn’t matter if it’s three tomatoes or sweatshirt. Do you need that much or do you even need that stuff?

For conclusion, we should live in clean and neat environment. Because when you sort your working desk, book shelves or closet – you figure out your soul. And we can always threw stuff away in garbage, it will be quicker for sure. But is there a point for it? If you can make someone happy with that stuff, maybe even yourself.



Recycle and zero waste,



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