Tiny house makeover project.

Hi guys!

As I mentioned in my last post, we helped my friend to do small house makeover. It was a really fur project and we truly enjoyed it. Goal was to achieve more using less money and lot’s of work with crazy DIY ideas.

When we started this project, I felt really confused, because house was used as a storage space for old unwanted furniture and there was lots of challenges, but at the first sketches I already got the perfect vision and style where I want to go with this.

In the end I, my friend the owner and my co-designer Liene did amazing work on this tiny house and it’s up for rent in airbnb.com

I want to share some after photos of our amazing house, how it looked before you can see in my last post.

More of what we did with old furniture and all those fun DIY’s I will share later.


Hope you will enjoy this,








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