Who we are and what we do!

Hey guys!
A little while ago we did an interview and I thought it will be a good idea to share it here, because it perfectly describes us,what we do, how all started and what are our goals for future. Hope you will enjoy this one!

1 | Brand Name

DDSLL Girls in full name Dress.Dance.Sing.Love.Live Girls

2 | Tell me a bit about the product you design.

We make mostly hand dyed and hand crafted clutch bags, we also make small goodies like key chains, earrings, statement necklaces, scarfs. Our main goal is to never make one piece in several copy’s, because we like to keep things unique and fresh, so we offer only ”one of a kind” pieces.
Every our design is frenetic idea mixed with accurate handmade work. It has been like this for five years now, and we would love to keep our high quality and colorful standards.

3 | There’s a story behind every handmade designer. Tell me your story and how you began crafting your brand.

Before DDSLL Girls, I worked as a real estate broker. My dream was always to make handbags, but I didn’t had any sewing experience or education in this area, other than attending a school of arts during my childhood. My business started when I decided to embrace my creative side and join the artist community. I quit my day job, bought a very old (and barely working) sewing machine, and started teaching myself how to use it.
Step by step, I learned how to sew, along with other techniques like fabric dyeing, tassel making, working with leather and photography. After six months, I finally made my first handbag. The feedback I got on that bag (someone actually liked it!) was the the big inspirational kick I needed to keep going.In the middle of this journey, I found Liene: a great companion, friend and colleague. We work together dyeing and bleaching fabrics, choosing patterns and leather, and designing statement pieces in our studio. Every design we make is unique and one of a kind – when you dye cotton by hand, it’s a bit like painting on a blank canvas: the results are always special.
We’re not afraid to risk it and combine the craziest colors and patterns into one very fine accessory.
It has been five years and I never stop learning new things in my work and we are constantly taking new challenges in our professional area, last one was designing our own fabrics and working on couture line.

4 | Can you tell me what a “day in the life” of your business looks like? What do you put into each day of running your business? Is this full time/ part time? Do you have children and have to balance work and family? If so how do you find that balance?

DDSLL girls is my full time business, so it needs attention 24/7.
My day looks pretty crazy, because I have two year old son so keeping the balance is hard. When my son was born, we took one step back and moved our Studio into my house, we of course kept our gorgeous Studio space, because it’s too good to loose. For one year I sew at day, at night and in every free moment I had. I had to choose my priority and it was and is my son, so somehow together with my friend and co-designer Liene we made it work. I’m not going to lie, it was hard to concentrate on both – my business and my son. One year ago we moved into our Studio space so we could keep our work where it should be – in Studio, not in my home. From that day our work day looks like this – answering to emails with first morning coffee,Studio meeting in the morning about new things, wholebuyers, designs and planning our day. After this its cutting, ironing, sewing and loud singing (that’s our thing).We are mainly just two person company, so sometimes there are quick post office breaks in the middle of our day or material shopping . One day in our work week is shooting day – we finish our bags and other goodies, then we do the product shots first and after it’s all pleasure, because we are shooting visual material for our Instagram photos and do other fun product shots using flowers, shoes and other cute goodies to make the perfect combination in our photographs. It’s pretty basic work! ( I’m joking)

5 | What inspires your designs/ work?

We get inspired by everything I guess – when it’s your dream job, you don’t need much. Usually it’s colors, dye pattern, flowers, our previous designs, some up – coming trend, fashion photography and the list goes on.

6 | What are your goals and dreams for your brand? Are you still working towards these goals or have you achieved them?

All of my goals from five years back we’ve achieved – having Studio ( it’s our second space) ,stockist in all around the world, bigger team and material contacts all around the city.
For future I guess it could be a bigger team, so ability to make more products and more stores in our stockist list. We just want to get bigger but still keep our high quality standards and uniqueness. The main goal is not to loose this. This is really important, because at the moment when your small handmade company starts to grow you need to act fast and make the right choices to maintain your legacy and not loose your brand and its identity.

7 | What do you personally love about handmade art/ work?

I love that ‘art piece” moment, when you know that no one else have this piece and it’s unique and one of a kind. When you create something you simply know that this is not mass production without personality , it’s something with it’s own character and soul. It’s special and made with care. We very much love the fact that we create our art, our masterpieces and somehow we can be so blessed and have people around the whole wide world with huge love for our ”art”.

8 | What advice would you offer to someone trying to start their own brand?

You have to have guts, because it’s not always easy. It’s hard at the beginning you need to work all the time and with 150%, later it gets bit easier and then again much harder. I personally think that whole media, our thinking and systems are changing all the time and at one point after couple years you feel a bit lost, that thing that worked last year is not working now, so you need to challange yourself and find new ways, new channels, new ideas. Sometimes you make mistakes, the important thing is to learn from your mistakes, if you can do this it will be all good for you!

9 | What pushes you daily to give things your best? What drives your motivation?

My motivation is my co-designer Liene, my family and our clients. It’s good feeling to know that your designs are shining everywhere in the whole world. You love them and everybody else loves them. That’s the biggest motivation.

10 | Do you have any hobbies? Tell me some things you do for fun. Do any of your hobbies inspire some of the work you do?

I have no time for hobby’s, so I’m having fun making leather tassels, dyeing fabrics and doing all the little things while watching movies. Together with co-designer Liene we go on little journeys, inspiring trips, bike rides and movies. I for sure have the best partner in the whole wide world.

At this moment my part time hobby is little interior challenge with friends house, I am very very excited because I have so many fun things planned for this project, I will share this later for sure.

11 | Do you shop handmade? If so, tell me why you shop handmade.

Mostly we make everything by ourselfs, because we know how to do that. We totally enjoy vintage shopping and little ”do it yourself”.

12 | If you could have three wishes granted for your brand/ business what would those three wishes be?

1) Endless success
2) Strongest and kindest team ever
3 ) Living plants everywhere in our Studio

Hope this gave a lot of insights in our work. If you had extra questions or handmade business related questions, I will be happy to answer those, just contact me to info@ddsllgirls.com. Have a good week guys!


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